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Alternative Runtimes


The information on this page is only applicable to the TypeScript SDK. Alternative runtimes are not currently supported in the Python and Go SDKs.

TypeScript is supported by multiple runtimes: Node.js (via tsx), Deno (natively) and Bun (natively). However, the Dagger TypeScript SDK only supports Node.js (stable) and Bun (experimental).

By default, the TypeScript SDK executes functions using the Node.js runtime, but you can configure an alternative runtime in your Dagger module's package.json file.

To change the TypeScript SDK runtime, set the field dagger.runtime in your Dagger module's package.json file.


Set the field to node to use the Node.js runtime. Node.js is also the default runtime used if this field is omitted.

  "dagger": {
"runtime": "node"


Set the field to bun to use the Bun runtime.

  "dagger": {
"runtime": "bun"

Bun runtime support is still experimental. Unexpected results may occur in some cases.

Automatic Detection

When a runtime is not explicitly defined within the package.json file, Dagger automatically identifies the appropriate runtime by examining the project's lock files inside the project's dagger directory.

  • If Dagger finds any of the following lock files : package-lock.json, yarn.lock, or pnpm-lock.yaml, it automatically selects node as the runtime.
  • In the absence of the lock files mentioned above, if a bun.lockb file is present, Dagger will choose bun as the runtime.
  • If no or only unknown lock files are present, node is chosen.

This behavior however should be seen as a sensible fallback and not as an explicit configuration.