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What language SDKs are available for Dagger?

We currently offer technical previews of a Go SDK, a Node.js SDK and a Python SDK. Waiting for your favorite language to be supported? Let us know which one, and we'll notify you when it's ready.

How do I log in to a container registry using a Dagger SDK?

There are two options available:

  1. Use the Container.withRegistryAuth() GraphQL API method. A native equivalent of this method is available in each Dagger SDK (example).
  2. Dagger SDKs can use your existing Docker credentials without requiring separate authentication. Simply execute docker login against your container registry on the host where your Dagger pipelines are running.

What API query language does Dagger use?

Dagger uses GraphQL as its low-level language-agnostic API query language.

Do I need to know GraphQL to use Dagger?

No. You only need to know one of Dagger's supported SDKs languages to use Dagger. The translation to underlying GraphQL API calls is handled internally by the Dagger SDK of your choice.

There's no SDK for <language> yet. Can I still use Dagger?

Yes. It's possible to use the Dagger GraphQL API from any language that supports GraphQL (example) or from the Dagger CLI.

I am stuck. How can I get help?

Join us on Discord, and ask your question in our help forum. Our team will be happy to help you there!