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The dagger-cue CLI is available for installation on macOS, Linux, and Windows to run locally or in a CI environment.

Install the dagger-cue CLI following the steps below.

⚡ What's next?

After installing the dagger-cue CLI, we recommend following our tutorial, especially if you want a hands-on experience setting up a local pipeline (5 minutes) and then reproducing it live in your CI environment (10-30 minutes), or grab a template below to see Dagger working instantly.

Follow Our Tutorial

✨ Tutorial: Test your CI locally ✨

In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to build, test and deploy your pipeline locally and then integrate it in your own CI environment.

Let's Build!

Explore Our Templates

Our templates are a great way to quickly see Dagger in action with a particular stack like Node.js or Go. After installing Dagger, you can check out the code and run templates right away. For more depth, try out the tutorial!

git clone -b v0.2.x
cd examples/templates/nodejs/yarn/universe
dagger-cue do build
git clone -b v0.2.x
cd examples/templates/nodejs/npm/bash
dagger-cue do build
git clone -b v0.2.x
cd examples/templates/java/gradle
dagger-cue do build
git clone -b v0.2.x
cd examples/templates/go/universe
dagger-cue do build

📖 Want To Go Deeper?

If you want to dig into the details, we recommend you read our Concepts section.

How It Works