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Dagger CUE SDK Types Reference

Dagger CUE SDK Types are primitives that hold internal references to values stored in the Dagger Engine. They extend the CUE type system and can be used in Actions. Their definitions can be imported from the package.

The following types are available:

#FStypes.cueReference to a filesystem tree
#Secrettypes.cueSecure reference to an external secret
#Sockettypes.cueReference to a network socket: unix or npipe

And there's a special instance of a Type:

#Scratchvalues.cue#FSAn empty filesystem tree

Data structures

There's also some data structures that are tightly coupled to core actions. Their definitions are in the package.

#Mountcore/exec.cueTransient filesystem mount
#CacheDircore/exec.cueA (best effort) persistent cache dir
#TempDircore/exec.cueA temporary directory for command execution
#ImageConfigcore/image.cueContainer image config
#HealthCheckcore/image.cueContainer health check