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Find functions on the Daggerverse‚Äč

Dagger's superpower is its community. All around the world, Daggernauts are encoding their expertise into Dagger Functions, and sharing them for anyone to reuse. Here are a few examples to try:

  • Publish a container to the ttlsh registry: dagger -m call publish --ctr=alpine:latest
  • Play a game of yamlinvaders: dagger -m call play terminal
  • Scan a container image for vulnerabilities: dagger -m call scan-image --image-ref=alpine/git:latest

But how to find useful modules? Enter the Daggerverse.

The Daggerverse is a free service run by Dagger, which indexes all publicly available Dagger modules, and lets you easily search and consume them.

Using the Daggerverse, you can easily discover great modules being developed by the community, learn how they work, and start using them. Since modules are just source code, it's easy to contribute to them, too!

Using the Daggerverse is optional, and does not change how you use Dagger. If you find a module you like, simply copy its URL, and use it the usual way.

Here are a few modules to explore: