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Troubleshooting Dagger

This page describes problems you may encounter when using Dagger, and their solutions.

Dagger pipeline is unresponsive with a BuildKit error‚Äč

A Dagger pipeline may hang or become unresponsive, eventually generating a BuildKit error such as buildkit failed to respond or container state improper.

To resolve this error, you must stop and remove the Dagger Engine container and (optionally) clear the container state.

  1. Stop and remove the Dagger Engine container:

    DAGGER_ENGINE_DOCKER_CONTAINER="$(docker container list --all --filter 'name=^dagger-engine-*' --format '{{.Names}}')"
    docker container stop "$DAGGER_ENGINE_DOCKER_CONTAINER"
    docker container rm "$DAGGER_ENGINE_DOCKER_CONTAINER"
  2. Clear unused volumes and data:


    This step is optional. It will remove the cache and result in a slow first run when the container is re-provisioned.

    docker volume prune
    docker system prune

You should now be able to re-run your Dagger pipeline successfully.


If you have custom-provisioned the Dagger Engine, please adjust the above commands to your environment.