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What is Dagger?

Dagger is a portable devkit for CICD.

Using Dagger, software teams can develop powerful CICD pipelines with minimal effort, then run them anywhere.


Benefits of using Dagger include:

  • Unify dev and CI environments. Write your pipeline once, Dagger will run it the same everywhere.
  • Reduce CI lock-in. No more re-writing everything from scratch every 6 months.
  • Rapid debugging of your pipelines. Dagger runs equally well on your local machine, and in CI.

How does it work?

  1. Automate actions with your favorite programming language. No proprietary SDK: just regular shell, Go, Javascript, Python...
  2. Reuse actions from a large and growing catalog.
  3. Tie it all together in CUE - a revolutionary declarative language invented at Google. No more YAML hell!
  4. Test and debug instantly on your local machine. No more waiting 10min to catch a typo.
  5. Run your pipelines on any Docker-compatible runtime, for maximum portability. This means most modern CI runners can run Dagger out of the box.